C700T mounting

1. Thermal conductance between the bus bar and the electrodes is critical.
    Surfaces of the bus bar must be flat and parallel. Use thermal conducting paste to improve the       thermal contact.

2. Use 1 M8 bolt and 4 M6 bolts for each electrode.

    Recommended insertion depth of M8 bolt is 6-8.5mm.

    Recommended insertion depth of M6 bolt is 4-4.5mm.

3. Mount the one side of the capacitor with the M8 bolt. Do not tighten.

4. Insert the 4 M6 bolts.

5. Tighten the M6 at 1Nm in the following sequence: top, bottom, right, left.

6. Tighten the M6 again at 5Nm in the same sequence. Maximum torque is 10Nm.

7. Tighten the M8 bolt at 10Nm. Maximum torque is 15Nm.

8. Repeat 3-7 for the second electrode. Make sure that all holes are aligned and the bolts do not       apply lateral force on the electrodes.



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