Cooling Celem Capacitors

  1. The dielectric in Celem’s capacitors is Polypropylene, which can be heated up safely to 90°C during operation without any degradation. When this temperature is achieved at the hottest point of capacitor’s core, the external temperature of capacitor’s surface is 45 - 50°C.

    We recommned to measure the capacitor’s copper surface and to make sure that they are beloow 40 degrees C

  2. Better cooling can be achieved either by using colder water, or by increasing the flow. 
  3. The losses of a mounted Celem capacitor can be estimated to be of the order of 1/700. Therefore one should expect that 500kVAr capacitor at full power will generate 715W of heat.
  4. Water flow of 1 liter/minute when dissipating 1kW will be heated by 14 degrees C. (calculated by specific heat of water)   This ratio enables to calculate the desired water flow, once power losses and water inlet temperature are given.
  5. Maximum inlet water pressure in Celem water cooled capacitors is 5 Bar.
  6. Both sides of a Conduction Cooled capacitor must be connected to water cooled bus bar.
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