Transformer technology

Celem has recently expanded its line of transformers to increase the range of power and frequencies available and to accommodate higher input voltage. Compact Celem matching transformers utilize laminar technology for excellent coupling and low resistive losses. They creatively address the four critical characteristics that determine the quality of matching transformers for high frequency/high power applications.

  1. The MT’s unique laminar structure results in negligible skin effect. The revolutionary structure of the MT, which uses windings made from laminar copper sheets rather than traditional copper tubes, reduces resistive losses by a factor of 10 at 350 kHz. As a result, overall efficiency is above 90%.
  2. The MT has a uniquely high coupling coefficient and very low reactive losses, achieved by alternating primary and secondary layers of thin copper sheets. As a result short circuit voltage is less than 10% and 90% of available reactive power is transmitted to the load.
  3. The MT completely avoids de-rating of specification when tapped through a simple, original combination of identical coil elements connected in series and in parallel. This enables quick modification of the transformation ratio, without power reduction.
  4. The MT offers an exceptionally wide frequency range of 5 to 350 kHz, made possible by the quasi-absence of stray inductance combined with high saturation ferrite.
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