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A new super compact low frequency capacitor


CLF3 is a new capacitor built with a new patented technology that continues the tradition of Celem to supply high power capacitors at a very small volume and weight.

The volume of the CLF3 is 3000 cm^3 (3 liter) for a power of 1500 kVAr, and its weight is only 9 Kg, well below the equivalent capacitors in the market.


CLF3 comes in 5x3=15 standard capacitance and voltage values and can be customized accordign to customers' requirements. 

For very large capacitance values we can extend the height and the footprint of the capacitor to supply up to 700µF units.


CLF3 has internally two capacitor elements which can be connected by simple external bridging either in parallel, or in series. A single element can also be connected. This unique structure provides a flexibility of voltage current and capacitance in a single capacitor unit. We call this feature smart tapping.


Direct water cooling of the electrodes prevents the need of immersing the capacitor in oil, enabling mounting in any angel and position for limited space designs.

The CLF3 can even be connected directly to the work-coil from any side of the capacitor.



Standard applications: Induction heating, heat treatment, plasma applications, resonant circuits, medical imaging, wireless power transfer, EV (electric vehicle) charging, IPT, high frequency inverters,etc.


  • Polypropylene Water-cooled capacitor
  • High Power Self-Healing capacitor
  • Low ESR
  • Low losses
  • UL94-V0 available upon request.


  • The CLF3 capacitor complies with RoHS.

    Before using the product please check the support section in our website "Guide to using celem capacitors".

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