CSP 1005/1500 Tunable

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General info

CSP 1005/1500 Tunable is very similar to the CSP 1005/1500 with a slight dimension variation. This capacitor enables tuning of the capacitance by mounting small capacitance CSM 150/200 or CSM 150/300 on the body of the CSP 1005/1500. This allows using the CSP 1005/1500 as a main capacitance and adding smaller capacitors directly on it without the use of a busbar.


Standard applications:Medical equipment, EV (electric vehicle) charging, IPT, high frequency inverters, Induction Heating, Heat Treatment, Wireless Power Transfer, etc.


  • Polypropylene Water-cooled capacitor
  • High Power Self-Healing capacitor
  • Low ESR
  • Low losses
  • UL94-V0 available upon request.

    Before using the product please check the support section in our website "Guide to using celem capacitors".

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