Mounting Celem Capacitors

1.     Too strong tightening of the capacitor mounting screw can damage the capacitor.       

The following are the maximum allowed torques for capacitors mounting.



CSP Type

CSM Type



    C700T M6         C700T M8    

Mmax (Nm)




15Nm 5Nm 10Nm



2.     If the above torque does not create proper electrical and thermal contact, it means that the gap between the bus bars is not accurate or that the bus bars are not flat.


3.     Bus bars for CSP / CP / CPRI / C200T capacitors must be thin and flexible. We recommend using 2mm thick copper to ensure proper flexibility. The flexibility ensures proper thermal and electrical contact and prevents undesired pulling of the electrodes while mounting.


4.     Conduction Cooled capacitors have to be mounted with a thermal conductive paste in the interface between the capacitor and the bus bar. Paste could be the same as the paste that is used for mounting IGBT’s. The paste does not have to be electrically conductive.    The paste improves the heat removal efficiency without affecting the electrical current.


5.     When mounting several capacitors in parallel, current collecting must be done in such a way that no one of the capacitors will be in the field of the current of other capacitors. See pictures below.


6.     Mounting a CSM capacitor on the top of another CSM capacitor is absolutely forbidden.  It causes an overheating of the upper capacitors.


 7.     Both sides of a Conduction Cooled capacitor must be connected to water cooled bus bar. 





Diagram A - Wrong mounting


Diagram B - Correct mounting


Diagram C - Low inductance mounting

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